Hey! I'm Ignat, a Robotics and ML researcher. I am currently doing a PhD at Georgia Tech, working with Animesh Garg. My deeply seeded belief is that robotics and learning have the potential to change the world for the better, and my mission is to bring intelligent star-wars-like robots one step closer to reality (minus the blasters).

I also used to work for 2 years as an ML engineer/researcher in autonomous vehicles. Nowadays I occasionally do some consulting or contracting work on projects I find interesting. Shoot me an email if you have something in mind!

This little website is my space to tell the world about me, put my resume out there, show off my projects and spread some wisdom about Robotics and Machine Learning. I occasionally blog about things I'm researching with a focus on understanding the underlying theory and math.

Blog posts

Deriving Differential Dynamic Porgramming

Revisiting a classic trajectory optimization approach

Differential Dynamic Programming (DDP), first proposed by David Mayne in 1965 is one of the oldest trajectory optimization techniques in optimal control literature. It is an extension of Dynamic Programming where instead of optimising over the full state space, we are only optimise around a nominal trajectory by taking 2nd... [Read More]