I am an enthusiastic, dedicated and hard-working research engineer. I am passionate about robotics and AI and believe that together they will cause the next industrial revolution. I want to be part of it!

This little website is my space to tell the world about me, put my CV out there, show off my projects and make my contribution to the robot revolution via the blog below. Oh and I ocassionaly post about racing quadcopters.

Blog posts

My journey into FPV

I have recently gotten into the world of FPV drone racing. It's a passionate hobby of mine which combines many of my interests and I'd like to share my journey

One day last summer while I was having an internship at Roborace, a colleague of mine turned up to work with a very dodgy looking contraption strapped to his backpack. It had bare circuit boards, exposed wires and looked like an electronics project I would have had in high school.... [Read More]

First post!

About 2 years ago something sparked up in my head and said: “Wouldn’t it be cool to start a blog”. Since then I’ve debated in my head with questions like “Do I even have enough time for this?”, “What would this blog even be about?” and “What’s the whole point... [Read More]
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