last updated 06/01/2023


I graduated MSc AI & Robotics at the University of Edinburgh in 2020 where I did my disseration on Adaptive Motion Control for Autonomous Racing with Michael Mistry. Throughout my time in Edinburgh, I also established the driverless branch of Edinburgh University Formula Student (EUFS) where we build autonomous racecars.

Work Experience

  • I worked as an Applied Scientist at Oxbottica, working on a data-driven edge case discovery system for AVs, called MetaDriver. I got to work with stellar people on cutting-edge deep reinforcement learning at a massive scale.
  • I worked as a Robotics Engineer at Kopernikus Automotive, working on path planning and control for autonomated valet parking. We worked pretty close to production and I led a nice demo at an IAA confernece



Nowadays I mostly use Python + PyTorch, but I also still occasionally dabble with C/C++, Rust, and ROS. Through the years, I’ve also gotten pretty good at team working, management, leadership and the all-important communcation skill.

You can find my not so up to date resume here