Enthusiastic, dedicated and hard-working student set to graduate my Master’s in 2020. I am passionate about robotics and believe that with the help of AI they will cause the next industrial revolution, and I would like to be part of it! This belief led me to establish an autonomous racecar student project within my university.

Currently finishing MSc Robotics & AI at the University of Edinburgh. Set to graduate with a 1st in summer 2020. I have done my 2-year dissertation on Adaptive Motion Control for Autonomous Racing. Part 1 of my dissertation can be found here but Part 2 is not available publicly.

My previous job experience includes working at Roborace on developing a reference autonomous driving software stack. I was also involved in various other bits including software infrastructure, deployment, localisation, mapping and path planning. For 2 summers I have also interned at Indie Semiconductor where I have worked on firmware development for custom microcontrollers for IoT and automotive applications. Also I have worked as a Digital Skills tutor at my university teaching people coding with Python.

My technical skills include C/C++, Python, ROS, CUDA, PyTorch, Tensorfow, Version Control (i.e. git), CI & CD, Operating Systems, Distributed computing, Parallel computing and robotics simulators. Through time, I've also gotten good at team working, management, leadership and the all-important communcation skill.

Originally, from Razgrad, Bulgaria, I have always been fascinated by how computers have impacted our world. After high school, I moved to the beautiful city of Edinburgh, UK to pursue better education (and wet weather apparently). At some point throughout University, I got intrigued by robotics and are now focusing extensively on that field.

In my free time, I enjoy travelling, cycling, bouldering, weightlifting, playing video games and volunteering. Oh did I also mention that I fly racing drones? Here is my a picture of my lovely little drones called Diana.


You can email me or find me on Linkedin. I love meeting new people so don't hesitate to send a message!